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No mailing in your ticket. No showing up in court. Fill out the form to fight your ticket.

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What state did you get your ticket?

What state did you get your ticket?

Traffic Ticket Defense Success Stories


I recommend Off The Record to everyone! Their staff and the lawyers are awesome! Good communication, always responding promptly, my lawyer got my ticket dismissed. They did a great job. Thank you! 

Anna Odarchuk


Great company for traffic infractions. Off The Record matched me to a great attorney and got me out of major traffic infraction. I highly recommend their services and lawyers.



It worked for me and they were fast and honest. Through this whole pandemic they still stood by their word to help me and they did. The attorney won my case!!! And it is all cause of OFF THE RECORD! Thank you guys so much.


Fighting your ticket has never been this easy

You are legally entitled to contest your traffic tickets, but city and municipal governments make the process inconvenient and cumbersome. Off The Record lets you do it in under a minute.

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First, provide a photo of your ticket. This will give us most of the info we need to start your case.

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We'll ask you a few questions in order to match you with the most appropriate lawyer for your case.

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An experienced lawyer will handle your ticket. You'll pay one flat fee and be covered by our money back guarantee.


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Contest your ticket in under a minute. Get back on the road knowing your driving record is in good hands.

100% Legal

Everyone is entitled to contest their traffic tickets, but only 5% do. We make the process a lot less intimidating.

Easy To Use

Just snap a photo of your ticket, and answer a few questions. You'll never have to mail it in.

No Showing Up In Court

Just sit back and relax. We'll match you with an experienced lawyer who's got a great track record in your local court.

Full Transparency

Chat with your lawyer at any time to ask questions or get updates on your case.

Save You Money

You'll save hundreds of $ by avoiding a jump in your insurance premiums.

Let us help
you fight your traffic ticket

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Fight your traffic ticket
in less than a minute

No mailing in your ticket. No showing up in court. Fill out the form to fight your ticket.

Traffic Ticket Defense Success Stories

Fighting your ticket has never been this easy


Let us help you
fight your traffic ticket

Click the button to get started hassle free.

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You can, but that is not the smart or financially savvy thing to do.

By paying the fine, you are automatically pleading guilty. The ticket will go on your record for 3-7 years, depending on your state, and your insurance company will be made aware of it. This is where the real harm happens.

Once your insurance company notices the ticket, your premiums will increase by an average of $39 per month for as long as the ticket is on your record. That's a total of $1,404 if the ticket stays on your record for 3 years, or $3,276 if it stays on your record for 7 years. Keep in mind that this is just an average. You could get lucky and not see any increase at all, or you could get very unlucky and see monthly increases of up to $100/month.

Everyday we get contacted by drivers who paid their fine months ago and are now dealing with the premium increases. They ask if we can fight the ticket for them, but unfortunately, by the time your insurance is aware of it there's nothing we can do.

You don't have to fight your ticket with us, but do consider contesting it one way or another before paying the fine.
Yes. We contest CDL tickets in courts around the country every single day. We understand how important your driving record is to you, and what's on the line when you book a case.

CDL and professional drivers have come to trust OTR with their legal matters, and rely on us to obtain the most favorable resolutions. We'll always give your case the attention it deserves.
We contest all of these and more!

When charged with a misdemeanor or felony, the stakes are much higher and choosing the right attorney is even more critical. We collect data on attorney track records, and when you book with us, you are matched with the attorney who's got the best track record for your specific type of case.

Most common misdemeanor/felony we handle: DUIs

Other common misdemeanors: Racing tickets, suspended license charges, negligent driving, reckless driving

Most unusual cases we've handled: Driving a tractor down the wrong side of the highway, driving butt naked.

We handle DUIs, racing tickets, suspended license charges, negligent driving, reckless driving and all other types of traffic misdemeanors and felonies on a daily basis.
Glad you asked. And you've guessed it - yes we do! We count as partners some amazing criminal attorneys.

We've handled everything from marijuana possession (Yup, those states are still out there) and disorderly conduct, to indecent exposure (Both male and female, we know you were wondering) and prostitution (Again, male and female).

No matter what you were charged with, contact us. An attorney will review your case and we'll go from there. You won't be charged anything until you decide to book a case.

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